HTC has announced a host of new perks for HTC One, HTC One Max and HTC One Mini owners: the HTC Advantage extended warranty program which includes screen repair, dedicated Android system support and increased Dropbox cloud storage.

HTC shared details of its new program on Tuesday. HTC Advantage includes one free cracked screen repair within six months after purchase; regular Android system updates for two years following a device’s release; 25GB to 50GB of free Google Drive storage for two years. Beginning Tuesday, new HTC One, HTC One Max and HTC One Mini owners will enjoy these perks with no additional cost. Other benefits include HTC Backup and assistance via live chat online or on the phone.

Notably, HTC Advantage is not available for HTC One, One Max or One Mini handsets that were purchased prior to Tuesday. Additionally, the program only applies to original purchases of the HTC One, One Max or One Mini; resold handsets are not covered under this warranty.

Users should keep in mind the stipulations of these perks. Under terms and conditions, it lists that display replacement or repair will only be granted for devices damaged through accidents. Additional Google Drive storage must be utilized by before Jan. 1, 2016. Finally, devices are not guaranteed to receive each new Android update at a specific time.  

HTC also recently announced it will be hosting a press event on March 25, which many expect may be the unveiling event for the next HTC flagship. At this point; however, there is no word on whether future HTC devices will be a part of the HTC Advantage program.

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