When it comes to new smartphones and tablets, LTE technology is one of the most up and coming features to hit the mobile market. Rumors and speculations say that devices such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 will sport the high-speed Internet connection, but a new smartphone from HTC may bump its way into the competition.

With Sprint's LTE network expanding, HTC may be a launching a new device as early as this June.

This may very well put it ahead of the other only two rumored Sprint LTE devices, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, writes Jim Westley of Motoring Crunch.

The new smartphone, called the HTC Jet, will feature a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, a Corning Gorilla Glass for its interface and 1GB of RAM. Also known as the HTC One X, the name 'Jet' may be just a codename at this point, according to UnwiredView.com.  Other sources report that the phone may also be referred to as the Jewel.

The US release date is rumored for June 10 for Sprint carriers, and no date has been given for AT&T.  However, smartphone users in the UK may be able to get their hands on the device as early as April 6th, reported Rethink Wireless.

However, competing against the next generation iPhone may prove to be a difficult endeavor. According to a recent survey from J.D. Power and Associates, Apple came out on top when rated in a smartphone satisfaction survey. The company received a score of 839 points out of 1,000. HTC came in second place, with a score of 798.

But sales numbers seem to tell a different story. This past November HTC took the lead in smartphone sales, placing above Samsung and Apple. Last April, Business Insider obtained information from BTIG that revealed that Verizon stores around the country sold more HTC devices that iPhones.

Of the locations that research analyst Walter Piecyk spoke to, 61 percent said they were selling equal amounts, 28 percent said the HTC Thunderbolt was selling better, and 11 percent said the iPhone was taking the lead in sales.

It's too soon to say whether or not the new HTC product will outshine the iPhone 5, but the two are sure to be in some stiff competition upon release.