When HTC's Titan smartphone goes on sale Nov. 20, there could be a little more fanfare than usual for a smartphone launch, in part because of its name. Titan. It just sounds cool. It's also apt because the Titan comes with a 4.7-inch screen, the second-largest smartphone screen available (Galaxy Note has a 5.3-incher). Every successful smartphone needs to have at least one big-ticket feature to really grab people and make them say, 'that's the phone for me.' If you can say you are one of the biggest smartphones out there, that is going to capture plenty of attention.

HTC Titan goes on sale just in time for Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year and costs $200 on contract with AT&T. At that price, it will be competing against the high-end devices that generate even more fanfare, items like the Motorola Droid Razr and iPhone 4S. They have name recognition and plenty of marketing firepower.

The Titan has one more trick up its sleeve, though. It's not another Android device, but instead runs the revamped Microsoft system. That means it works with the Xbox, and with such a huge screen, it's a natural for gamers. Specs-wise, Titan features a WVGA Super LCD screen, an eight-megapixel camera, 16 gigabytes of on board storage and a 1.5GHz processor to run the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. The huge display should look very good even at the 800.x 400 resolution used by some smaller screens, but to power a screen that big it will need lots of battery life. Once Titan hits the shelves, it will be easier to tell if the battery is worthwhile, but HTC says it will give six and a half hours of talk time.

If you've never heard of the software Titan is running, you're not alone because the Windows Phone system has only been around since last year, and Titan runs an even newer version than that. The system has its own App Marketplace and focuses on integrating apps, email and social media into the home screen. Below is a video that gives a sneak peak at the device. 

Tell us in the comments if you are intrigued by Titan's large screen or if you are excited about it because you are a gamer.