Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday called for closer U.S.-China cooperation on economic and security issues, especially in the Asia Pacific region where both countries have strong interests.

Our two countries have never enjoyed such broad common interests and shouldered such broad common responsibilities as they do today, Hu said in a speech on the second full day of his state visit to the United States.

We will unwaveringly take the path of peaceful development, Hu said, adding that China would abide by a defensive military policy and not take part in arms races.

China will strive to peacefully resolve international disputes, said Hu, who met with President Barack Obama on Wednesday and congressional leaders earlier on Thursday.

China's fast-growing economy has propelled it into the spotlight on the world stage, with the United States urging the Chinese to shoulder more leadership responsibilities in areas ranging from North Korea to Iran to the global economy.

Hu said both China and the United States would benefit from closer economic ties, and estimated that U.S. consumers have saved about $600 billion over the past decade through imports of cheaper Chinese goods.

Hu also said the United States and China have a special shared responsibility to help foster global economic growth.

With China the world's biggest developing country and the United States the world's biggest developed country, the stable development of bilateral relations is, in itself, a major contribution to global peace and stability, he said.

Currently, the turmoil unleashed by the international financial crisis is gradually easing and the world economy is returning to growth, but uncertain and destabilizing factors remain quite numerous, Hu said.