Huawei just introduced the first Android 3.2 tablet—the 7-inch MediaPad, in Singapore with CommunicAsia being the launchpad for the device.

Huawai unveiled the device on Monday in a webcast and if all goes well, it’ll ship in United States, Asia-Pacific and some European countries in the third quarter.

The Honeycomb update doesn’t really seem to bring something more than what’s available in the 3.1 version though it’s suited in a high profile 7 inch tablet.

Google's Greater China sales and operations director, Keven Tang said, With Google's latest technology, Huawei's MediaPad will bring a lot of customer experience and more choice to the consumer.

Huawei has not revealed the price yet, but the company said it would would be sold through telecommunication operators as well as retail outlets.

The MediaPad has a 10.5 mm shell, 5 megapixel camera , 802.11n WiFi, a battery good for around six hours of life and a bona fide racehorse as a processor: a dual-core 1.2GHz chip from Qualcomm and just weighs 390 gm(0.86 pounds).

The device supports full 1080p playback, includes HSPA+ (14.4Mbps) 3G support, offers 8GB of internal storage (as well as a microSD slot).

It also sports a Bluetooth module, an HDMI output for catching those high-def flicks on the go, and the Flash 10.3 player ensures that those websites won't be a problem.

The MediaPad comes preloaded with Facebook, Twitter, Let's Golf and Documents To Go in its settings.

With the new Android 3.2 loaded 7-inch MediaPad, the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer is seeking to compete against the current tablet market of Apple,Samsung and Motorola.