Jill Abramson, the former top editor of The New York Times, is in talks with the Huffington Post to develop a new journalism site that would publish one long-form article per month, according to a new report. Abramson was fired in May, three years after she was named the first female executive editor of the "newspaper of record."

Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, has reportedly held discussions with Abramson and Steven Brill, journalist and founder of Court TV, as well as Tim Armstrong, chief executive of AOL Inc. Brill told the New York Times that he and Abramson were talking to several companies about backing the venture, calling the discussions “fairly serious and reaching a decision point” several times.

The site will reportedly be subscription-based, charging readers “about $3 per month,” and paying writers advances as large as $100,000. The talks have not yet been completed, according to the Times report, which cites a number of anonymous sources who were “not authorized to speak on the matter.”

“I’m desperately worried about what I see” in journalism, Abramson said during the Journalism and Women Symposium in October, calling it “a diminution in the quality of writing.” She said she was planning a startup that would publish “one perfect, great whale of a tale per month.”

Abramson’s firing was hotly debated by the media, with some claiming it was due to her being a woman. The Times said it was due to issues with her management style.