Accolades are accomplishments in our lives. They are deemed unto us after we make the correct decision(s) to achieve a desired goal. With self motivation, self will and determination, it is possible for this to span decades.

The word “Kodiak” represents visions and feelings of being stout, strong hearted, and able to not only adapt, but survive and prosper as well. Take the Kodiak bear for instance. For hundreds of years, this bear has adapted to some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Yet it thrives in growing numbers. Its name comes from its habitat, Kodiak Island off the coast of Alaska. In this harsh environment, life is flourishing without hesitation. The entire eco system is a series of major accolades being performed on a consistent basis.

In the field of exploration, any type of exploration, it is necessary to have the skills, expertise, proper tools and resources, and experience behind you. The interesting thing about this is all of these traits create accolades. It is these types of traits that help our lives excel in many different directions.

Kodiak Exploration Limited has just achieved another accolade by advancing Brian J. Maher to status of President and COO. Brian has decades of experience and the accolades to prove it. He has played a major role with Kodiak in recent years. So much so that his accomplishments have earned him this position.