The latest promo shot for “The Wolverine” have been released, showing a much bigger and buffer Hugh Jackman following his role as the emaciated Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables.”

Shirtless with claws out, Jackman put in a lot of work to bulk up to reprise his role as Logan, aka Wolverine, including reportedly hitting the gym for a workout on Christmas Eve, according to the Daily Mail.  

The news source details that Jackman got advice from professional wrestler Dwayne the Rock Johnson to eat six meals a day in order to gain a pound a week for six months. The actor supposedly took in 6,000 a day of mostly chicken, steak, and brown rice in order to fuel his grueling work outs.

Jackman is clearly back in fighting form for the sixth reprisal of his role as Wolverine. Scheduled for release on July 26, “The Wolverine” follows the character’s first solo film, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” that came out in 2009. Co-starring Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber and Danny Huston, the movie was a success at the box office but received mixed reviews, according to the Mail.

In the new film, Logan travels to Japan where he “engages a mysterious figure from his past in a fight that has lasting consequences,” as per the film’s description.

“The Wolverine” picks up where “X-Men: The Last Stand ended” according to director James Mangold.

“Where this film sits in the universe of the films is after them all,” he told Empire magazine in 2011.

“Jean Grey is gone, most of the X-Men are disbanded or gone, so there's a tremendous sense of isolation for him.”

The summer blockbuster will be gearing up for competition from other films releasing at that time, including “World War Z,” “Kick-Ass 2,” and “Man Of Steel.”