Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday welcomed the success of his appearance on the micro-blogging site Twitter, where more than 90,000 followers have signed up in just a couple of days.

This has been an unexpected explosion. Thanks, Chavez said in his second tweet, this one from Barinas in Venezuela where he was hosting Bolivian President Evo Morales.

I'm here with Evo. We will conquer!!

Irked by the Venezuelan opposition's wide use of networking sites to coordinate their activities, the socialist Chavez has urged his supporters to take to the Internet too. He set the example by setting up his own Twitter page @chavezcandanga.

That brought laughter from many Venezuelans, wondering how their famously verbose leader, who speaks near-daily for hours on end, will keep to Twitter's 140-character limit.

Chavez's page, whose name includes candanga, which translates locally as a rebellious or strong-willed person, had nearly 94,000 followers two days after his debut on Tuesday.