Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, made an appearance with a new short haircut on Monday in an effort to diminish the noticeable effects chemotherapy has had on him during his battle with cancer.

"It's a new look," Chavez said jokingly during a televised swearing in ceremony for two new Cabinet ministers.

Chavez said he expected his hair to fall out as a result of chemotherapy he received in June so he deiced to get a haircut.

"I went to bathe and a bit of hair fell out, and last night we called the barber," Chavez said. He asked for a "military cut" reminiscent of his days as a former army officer.

Chavez continued to joke about his new nearly shaved head, holding up an old photograph of himself, saying "I have the same haircut." He has also joked in the past that he resembles Yul Brynner with a shaved head.

Chavez underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor along with a first round of chemotherapy, both in June. He has not indicated what type of cancer her has, but did state it was in his pelvic region. During the ceremony, he denied claims of colon, rectal or bladder cancer.

Chavez reportedly stated that he is preparing for "a second dose" of chemotherapy to happen soon, but did not specify the date.