The Huawei 420 is a product from Huion, the Chinese brand well-known for selling signature pads, pen tablets monitors and more. It can be used for creating and editing graphics on a PC. Also, it can be used to handwritten texts to a PC.

The Huion 420 comes in another model called the Huion H420 tablet, which has three express keys and a dedicated pen holder. The Huion 420 Pen Tablet is a basic yet powerful pen tablet. It is fitted with an active screen area of 4-by-2.23 inches.

It is not easy to carry out tasks like drawing or adding quick annotations to office documents using a mouse or keyboard. The Huion 420 is an inexpensively priced tablet that comes with an intuitive wireless digital pen that can be easily used for creating or editing graphics and adding texts by hand.

The wireless digital pen takes a AAA battery and comes with a button at its top that works as an on/off key. Toward the grip area, there are two macro keys that can be used for carrying separate tasks on the tablet.

The Huion 420 comes with a microUSB slot for connecting with a PC. Once a user starts writing or drawing on the active area of the tablet, its output can be seen on the computer screen.

The Huion 420 with its small active area may not be the best drawing tablet, but it is certainly a great device that can be used as a signature pad, handwriten notes or simple drawing tasks. Moreover, it can be also used to enjoy the popular musical rhythm game called OSU.

The Huion 420 comes with exclusive software that can be installed on the PC to personalize its functionality such as settings for both the buttons, pressure sensitivity and screen setting.

On Gear Best, the device is priced at $26.53 with free shipping. On the official website, the tablet is listed for $29.99. The package includes a signature tablet, a digital pen, a pen stand and a USB cable measuring 1.5 meters (5 feet). 

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