Hulu could start charging for some of its online video content, News Corp's new digital director said, although research shows consumers are not ready to pay.

Hulu, the popular online video service owned by NBC Universal, Providence Equity Partners, and Disney, may start charging for some of its content.

Jonathan Miller, chief executive of digital media at News Corp., a co-owner of Hulu, said in an interview that charging for content was a possibility, but prefaced his comments by saying he was expressing his opinion and was not speaking for the Hulu board.

In my opinion, the answer could be yes, Miller said Wednesday at an Internet Week event in New York sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter.

I don't see why over time that shouldn't happen.

Gartner analyst Amanda Sabia said consumers may be willing to pay a small amount for a movie or TV show, but it's going to have to be something they can't get on paid TV through video on demand or regular programming, according to Information Week.