Today, Hunt Gold Corp. announced that it has completed the acquisition of an additional 56 lode mining claims (encompassing approximately 1,120 acres) at its “Mockingbird” Gold Project in Arizona. According to the press release, exploration work done by the previous owner, Anaconda, exposed anomalous gold throughout a two square mile area. Anaconda believes the property has the potential to hold 1,000,000+ ounces of gold.

Hunt Gold CEO Mike Saner commented, “We have added over an additional 2 ½ square miles of lode mining claims this month to our flagship gold exploration project. These additional mining claims greatly enhance the Company’s land position, and, most important, complete the addition of the former Anaconda claim block.”

Previous gold mining activities at Mockingbird have been concentrated at four mines located in the lower plate of the Mockingbird Detachment Fault. According to Anaconda’s geochemical and seismic work, it is likely that the gold mineralization continues under the Mockingbird Detachment Fault as buried gold deposits. The 56 new lode claims cover the upper plate of this fault in the likely areas for continuation of the gold mineralization. A geochemical grid will be laid out over this area soon to identify drill targets for the next drill campaign which is planned to commence next month.

The additional lode mining claims also cover possible drill targets that were discovered during Hunt Gold’s recent drilling at the property, most notably the Rico shafts located in the north central part of Section 26. Mineralization at Rico appears very similar to that found at the Mockingbird Mine to the north, which was the largest past producer of gold at the property.

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