Today before the opening bell, Hunt Gold announced that it has successfully completed its current round of drilling at its “Mockingbird” Gold property in Arizona. The 8th and final hole drilled in the southern part of the company's “Mockingbird” property intercepted foliated Precambrian quartzofeldspathic gneiss for its entire length. There were local zones of quartz flooding and a substantial hematitic overprint.

At 108 ft. the hole encountered historic mine workings, which were found to be backfilled with material that the previous miners considered too low-grade to process. The drillers recovered some of this material and will have it assayed to serve as a guide to the historic cutoff grade. The company believes this to be necessary as gold mineralization that was too low-grade to mine at a profit during the 1900s may have been left unmined elsewhere in the workings. With today's modern mining methods and higher gold prices, the material may be known as viable “ore” today.

The core from the two holes drilled at the Dandy Mine will be split and sent to Jacobs Assay. While waiting for the results, the Hunt Gold's Exploration team will do reconnaissance and rock chip sampling of potential drill sites that were identified during the current drilling campaign. Additionally, a geochemical sampling grid will be laid out and soil geochemical sampling will be carried out. The company aims to select additional drill sites at the “Mockingbird” Gold Mine for a second round of drilling beginning in February.

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