Today, Hunt Gold Corp. announced that it has met the terms required to sell its “Lookout Silver” Project by staking six additional mining claims at its “Lookout Silver” Project in Arizona. The land package now includes lode claims on three vein systems that have been historic producers of silver and other metals.

According to the press release, the company has added another 1,000+ feet on the Silver Belt vein, which nearly doubles the 1,200 feet the company already had on its “Lookout Silver Project” lode claim. Hunt Gold also added almost a mile to its lode claims along the Kit Carson vein system. Lastly, an additional 1,500 feet were staked along the Lady Alde vein.

Hunt Gold Corporation’s CEO Mike Saner stated, “With the acquisition of the six new mining claims, the Company’s ‘Lookout Silver’ Project has been expanded into a significant property package within the Big Bug Mining District, which has been a strong historic producer of silver as well as gold. The previous owner of the property, BHP subsidiary Magma, focused on mining the gold resource at the Gladstone McCabe Mine during the 1980s. This leaves the opportunity open for the buyer of the ‘Lookout Silver’ Project to explore for the unmined silver resource.”

Hunt Gold can now confirm that the transaction will be concluded on February 2, 2009 since all conditions precedent have now been met.

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