Hunt Gold Corporation today announced that it has appointed MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc. as its Investor Relations firm, effective immediately.

The Contact Details are as follows:

MDM Worldwide Solutions, Inc.
989 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Telephone: (646) 961-4458
E Mail:
Contact : Richard Hausig

Hunt Gold's management believed it was necessary to immediately implement this Investor Relations interaction in order to make sure stockholders were given all timely information. By appointing an IR firm, management will no longer have to deal with the overwhelming amount of requests for information from stockholders.

The Company’s stated in the press release that it is dealing with all outstanding issues at this time, particularly the Stock Dividend payment which has been delayed by third parties and their professional advisors, a situation which that has been beyond its control. Hunt Gold anticipates having these issues resolved in due time and intends to issue a detailed and accurate Statement in respect of all of these issues once it is in possession of all the verifiable facts from all of the third parties involved in these various transactions.

The management of Hunt Gold apologized to all shareholders for not meeting the promised dates. Going forward, they will no longer rely on any third parties and their unsubstantiated promises, in respect of completion dates, when announcing firm dates to stockholders.

The company assured stockholders that the Stock Dividends will be paid and that it is doing everything in its power to expedite the process while maintaining a sensible and prudent approach with the third parties responsible for the payment of these Stock Dividends.

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