Hunt Gold Corp. announced that it has completed its 7th drill hole for its current drilling program at the “Mockingbird” Gold project in Arizona. The hole encountered a broad shear zone from 115 feet to 147 feet. The zone included multiple zones of hydrothermal alteration brecciation cemented with sulfide-clouded quartz.

The company is so encouraged with these results that it is altering the azimuth for the 8th and final hole for the current drill campaign. This hole will now have an azimuth of 180 degrees and will be aimed directly under the historic workings of the Dandy Gold Mine. The eighth hole, begun yesterday, is anticipated to reach completion later today.

The Mockingbird Gold property was previously owned by Anaconda who found anomalous gold throughout 2 square miles and estimated that the property has a potential resource of 1,000,000+ ounces gold. The project was terminated because the company's corporate parent, oil giant ARCO, shut down Anaconda because of unrelated reasons, most notably environmental liabilities at its Butte, Montana copper mine. Hunt Gold has obtained available Anaconda exploration reports and other materials regarding the Mockingbird that has led the company to conclude that Anaconda was closed before any drilling could be done.

Similarly, Hunt Gold’s Ambassador Project was previously owned by UNC, the gold subsidiary of United Nuclear Corporation. According to Hunt Gold, the preliminary work done by UNC indicated a potential resource of 1,000,000+ ounces gold, and a multi-year phased exploration effort was planned for Ambassador. However, the company refocused its efforts on uranium, and all of its gold projects were abandoned.

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