In a previous article we featured the Mocking Bird, Ambassador and Gold Eagle properties, but in this one we will focus our attention on the Gladstone Lookout as well as the Starlight, American Flag, Venezia, Stormcloud, Buffalo, Lime Cap, Red Cloud and Federal Mines.

The Gladstone Lookout is a 460 acre claim block that also includes a 50% interest in the mineral rights of the patented Lady Alde gold mine, as well as the Lookout Silver Mine. The Lookout is located on the same vein as the Arizona silver mine, which produced over $4.5 million of silver, with grades up to 20 ounces per ton. Hunt Gold Corporation plans preliminary geochemical and geophysical work centered on this claim block, targeting another Gladstone McCabe type deposit which produced at least 62,800 ounces of gold and 779,000 ounces of silver.

The Starlight, American Flag, Venezia and Stormcloud Mines are positioned in the Hassayampa Mining District, approximately 15 miles south of Prescott, Arizona. The Venezia Mine is located right off Senator Highway, with the Starlight and American Flag properties located up Starlight Canyon from Venezia. Stormcloud is immediately east of the Senator Mine. Each of these properties has a history of production. Initial exploration will target the Venezia and Starlight groups of claims in order to evaluate whether there is potential for a large bulk mineable deposit of gold and silver.

The Buffalo, Lime Cap, Red Cloud and Federal Mines (collectively known as the Cherry Project) are located in the Cherry Creek Mining District, about 10 miles southeast of Jerome, which is known as Arizona’s premier producer of gold, silver, copper and zinc from Precambrian ore deposits. Included in the 650 acre land package are the Buffalo, Limecap and Red Cloud gold mines, as well as a 51% interest in the mineral rights of the Federal Mine, which is comprised of 14 patented mining claims.

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