As Hurricane Irene barrels toward New York City (NYC), Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered an evacuation of Zone A residents by Saturday 5:00 p.m. ET.

When to Evacuate

Bloomberg ordered residents to be out by 5:00 p.m. However, practically speaking, residents need to leave in the morning because NYC mass transit shuts down at noon (Staten Island Ferry stops at 10 p.m. or earlier Saturday night, depending on weather conditions). Moreover, by afternoon, traveling may become difficult as winds pick up.

Hurricane Irene's impact is expected to be the most severe from late Saturday night to Sunday morning.

Who Should Evacuate

Zone A residents (denoted by orange) and the Rockaways should evacuate. Zone B (yellow) and Zone C (green) residents are expected to suffer the most severe conditions after Zone A residents. Bloomberg has not ordered Zone B and Zone C residents to evacuate.

To find out the zones, click this map. Alternatively, go to this evacuation zone finder.

If you cannot access the two tools above, click on the maps taken by IBTimes at above left. Click the arrow button to scroll through the maps and click the expand button to enlarge them.

Where to Evacuate to

The best place is friends and family in no-zone areas (denoted by white) or a non-coastal area outside of NYC.

If staying with someone you know is not an option, click on this map or call 311 to find one of the 91 public shelters Mayor Bloomberg has provided. Alternatively, refer to the blue image provided by IBTimes at above left.

What to Bring

- Important (ID) documents in water proof containers

- $50 to $100 in cash in small bills

- Bottled water and nonperishable food

- Flashlight

- First aid kit

- Decide upon a contact point / meeting place for your family

- Essential medical items


NYC's Hurricane Guide

Visit for the latest Hurricane Irene info

Call 311 (Text Telephone: 212-504-4115) for the latest Hurricane Irene info

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