All Florida prisons will cancel weekend visitations in wake of Hurricane Irma's arrival. The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) plans to ensure the safety of those under its protection by taking proactive measures that will include around the clock assistance for inmates.

The FDC are bringing additional food and water supplies to facilities statewide ahead of the storm. If evacuation is necessary, the new determined locations will also be made in the best interest of inmates and the public's safety. 

"In response to travel restrictions throughout Florida and to ensure staff resources can be maximized for hurricane response, weekend visitation at all institutions for Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10, is cancelled," the FDC said in a media statement issued to International Business Times. "The cancellation includes all major institutions, work camps, community release centers and annex facilities."

An announcement will be made if evacuations are a necessary step. Department staff will also confirm the evacuation upon completion, but inmate locations will not be unveiled on the FDC's website for roughly 24 hours after the emergency move.

Florida Governor Rick Scott reportedly called for all state offices to shut down in preparation for the tropical storm. This will include all state offices in its 67 Florida counties.

"Ensuring the safety of these hardworking individuals and their families is a top priority, and I am directing all state offices to be closed this Friday so our state employees can fully focus on preparing for this storm and keeping their families safe," Scott said in a statement. "I am also asking these talented individuals to consider donating their time and effort to become a certified American Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer to help Floridians in need."

"We must do all we can to prepare our families and communities for any potential impact from this major weather event, and I appreciate the many volunteers who are gearing up to help our state during this critical time," Scott added. 

Florida is no stranger to taking emergency precautions in its prison facilities statewide. The FDC announced the cancellation of weekend visitations in late August over possible disruptions that were slated to occur. Prison visitations were also cancelled for a weekend at Jackson Correctional Institution in August in Malone, Florida. No reason was given for the cancellation. 

Hurricane Harvey's arrival led to the evacuation of three Texas prisons. Rainfall from the storm continued to rise, which led to the relocation of approximately 4,500 inmates. The inmates were given several amenities including additional food and water, among other basic needs.

"The offenders are being transported by TDCJ buses, and are accompanied by correctional officers and other staff members who have reported to work to assist in the evacuation," the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) said in a press statement Aug. 26. "Offenders assigned to the units will be sent to facilities in East Texas. These evacuated offenders will not be available for visits at the designated receiving units, but will have the ability to use the offender telephone system."