The Bahamas took a brutal beating Thursday from Hurricane Matthew. The Category 4 storm is having a devastating impact on northwest Bahamas, particularly Nassau, according to The Weather Channel. The hurricane has brought down several trees and power lines in the city, emergency officials said in a statement.

The Bahamas National Emergency Management Authority issued a statement Thursday explaining that Nassau was getting the “brunt of the hurricane force winds” resulting in downed trees and power lines. Captain Stephen Russell told the Associated Press that Nassau wasn’t expecting significant flooding at this time nor have any injuries or causalities been reported.

The downed power lines are not active because authorities shut down all the electricity in the island town after winds reached about 40 miles per hour. Popular tourist hotels were running electricity on generator power as of Thursday.

Bahamians and tourist were warned by Prime Minister Perry Christie to prepare for the “worst-case scenario” Tuesday as the New Province area in central Bahamas was expected be hit the hardest by the storm. On Wednesday, evacuation orders were issued for people in Grand Bahamas including West End, outlying areas along the southern coast and East Grand Bahamas.

Florida is also taking a beating from Hurricane Matthew. The National Weather Service in Melbourne issued a statement Thursday warning residents that Matthew may be the worst storm Florida’s experienced in decades, highlighting the “devastating wind,” dangerous storm surge and flooding rainfall that was expected to continue into the weekend. The effects of Matthew in the state are also anticipated to stretch into Georgia and South Carolina.

Conditions for southern and central Bahamas are expected to improve slowly throughout Thursday.

People currently bracing the storm in Nassau have been posting photos and videos of the storm’s brutal effects on Twitter. See a few Twitter posts below.