If you started your Thursday by mourning the love of an ex-couple whom you've never met, you're not alone. The video dubbed #HurtBae was trending on Twitter and had many people in an emotional haze as they began their day.

Although Hurt Bae is the latest bae to trend on the internet, it’s certainly not the first. After a couple of years of eye-rolling whenever someone said the word “bae,” it seems that the term of endearment is now making a comeback. Here’s a rundown of the past few baes that have recently gone viral:

Hurt Bae

This video from The Scene shows two people, a man and a woman, who’d recently broken up.

The woman, Kourtney, confronts her ex-boyfriend about his constant infidelity. Leon asked Kourtney why she forgave him. “Because you’re my best friend,” she said.

Cue the waterworks. And don’t be ashamed — everyone else who watched the video cried, too.

Prison Bae(s)

Then there’s Prison Bae, also known as the Hot Felon, whose mugshot first made admirers weak in the knees after it hit the internet in 2014.

Jeremy Meeks Mugshot Stockton Police Department photo shows Jeremy Meeks, 30, arrested on June 18, 2014 in a gang crackdown in a crime-ridden area of Stockton, California. Photo: Handout

His real name is Jeremy Meeks, and he was arrested for a felony weapons conviction. But he’s since attracted nearly one million Instagram followers, and Tuesday, he made his New York Fashion Week debut by walking down the Philipp Plein runway.

Jeremy Meeks Model Jeremy Meeks backstage at the Men's New York Fashion week on Feb. 13, 2017. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris

He’s not the only Prison Bae, either — Arkansas women Sarah Seawright earned the nickname too after her mug shot hit social media in May. No news on her modeling career, though.

Chaiwala Bae

Arshad Khan, an 18-year-old chaiwala, or tea vendor, also got quite a bit of attention when a photographer snapped his photo and put it on Instagram.

In fact, in October, he landed a modeling sponsorship — another victory for the everyday babe who happens to get noticed by tens of thousand of people online. 

Teacher Bae

A photo of a fourth grade teacher from Atlanta, Patrice Brown, went viral in September, and she was dubbed “Teacher Bae.”

Patrice Brown A screencap of a now-deleted photo from the Instagram account of Patrice Brown, or Teacher Bae, September 2016. Photo: Patrice Brown/INSTAGRAM

After she was shamed by some for her body and dress sense, her story went from social media phenomenon to sparking a serious discussion on the double standards to which women are held.

And don’t forget Male Teacher Bae Jamel Fenner, an elementary school teacher who’s been dubbed the sexiest teacher in New York. And yes, his Instagram handles is @imwhygirlscheat.

Salt Bae

Finally, who could forget Salt Bae? Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe got a taste of social media fame in January after a video of him flaunting his knife skills was shared widely on the internet.

His salt-sprinkling method got people talking, and it soon turned turned into the first meme of 2017.

He even caught the attention of Rihanna, who incorporated Salt Bae into her outfit, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who visited his restaurant a couple of weeks ago.