Hy’bred International, Inc. is a manufacturer of a therapeutic horseshoe. The Company focuses on creating and developing the Hybred Horseshoe, an aluminum horseshoe with a bonded urethane composition. Hybred International, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Hackensack, New Jersey.

The Hy’bred horseshoe is an advanced Aluminum/Urethane horseshoe. It is light, durable, long lasting, and it reduces shock and concussion. In addition, the product improves traction, reduces injury, improves performance, and is suitable for partially lame or injured horses. The horseshoe is also easy to shape.

Hy’bred International, Inc. announced last December that mass production of the HYBRED horseshoe was underway. This was the result of three years of research and development work completed by the Company. Hybred came to market through an agreement with Thoro’bred, Inc., the world’s largest aluminum horseshoe manufacturer. Thoro’bred, Inc manufactures and markets the Hybred Horseshoe through their catalogue, tack shops, farrier and supply stores, and through marketing materials. They do this in the U.S. and internationally.

On June 16, 2009, Hy’bred International, Inc. announced that they entered into research and development to further extend their line of products for the safety and welfare of the equine industry. They are working on the development of a horseshoe that will find use for horses engaged in the sport of Polo.

“Horses require different shoes than those that are involved in racing or other activities. With maintenance costs in the United States alone topping $100 Million a year, and the lack of focus on this sector, we at Hy’bred International feel this is a niche market that can benefit from our technology,” stated Gary Kouletas.