ATLANTA - Hyatt Hotels Corp said on Friday that nearly 100 housekeeping workers laid off in August will be offered new full-time jobs in the Boston market.

The moves comes days after the governor of Massachusetts had threatened a boycott of the hotel operator over the layoffs.

In a statement, privately-owned Hyatt said the new jobs, to be provided by an affiliate of United Service Companies, will match the workers' previous rate of Hyatt pay through the end of 2010.

Hyatt, whose rivals include Marriott International, also said its Boston hotels would extend healthcare coverage through March 2010 for those who accept posts with United Service Companies.

It added in a statement that idled workers who choose to participate in a career services and retraining program would receive financial support equal to their Hyatt rate of pay through March 2010 or until they secure permanent employment, whichever comes first.

The announcement comes days after Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick threatened to direct state employees to not do business with Hyatt unless 98 housekeeping staffers who were let go from three Boston hotels were re-hired.

Chicago-based Hyatt said it outsourced the housekeeping jobs in late August in an effort to cut costs at its Boston hotels, where revenues have dropped.

We sincerely hope these efforts demonstrate the respect we have for our associates and renew the community's faith in Hyatt, the company said in the Friday statement.

Gov. Patrick's press office did not immediately return a call for comment. (Reporting by Karen Jacobs; editing by Carol Bishopric)