All-electric vehicles, such as those provided by EV Innovations, are powered by high energy density and lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries, easily charged using household electricity outlets, are discharged during use to power electric motors with zero emissions.

Electric vehicles are very reliable and maintenance free. They do not require oil changes, filter changes or tuning and have less than 1/10th the number of parts a gas car has. EV Innovations believes that the best way to reduce carbon emissions is to utilize the cleaner, greener, and increasingly more renewable grid to power transportation.

The electric powered vehicle is also superior to fuel cell powered vehicles for a number of different reasons. First, fuel cells consume 400% more electricity per mile than a similarly sized electric vehicle. They also emit 12.5 kg of Carbon-di-Oxide per kg of Hydrogen produced, deliver half the driving range of electric vehicles, and require a more complicated fueling system than an electric vehicle’s plug-in system.

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