Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) and SpaceX, announced via Twitter that he would be publishing plans for the Hyperloop in less than five hours. Musk’s proposed Hyperloop is a theoretical new mode of transportation capable of moving from Los Angeles to New York City in 45 minutes.

In the tweet, Musk said that he pulled an “all nighter” working on the Hyperloop and that he hopes he did not make “too many mistakes.” Musk said that the link would go live at 1:30 PDT, or 4:30 EDT.




For over a year now, Elon Musk has left a trail of breadcrumbs about the Hyperloop. He says it will be fast – three or four times faster than a bullet train, completely self-powered, immune to weather and never crash. Hopefully, Musk is able to make good on his claims – even if he does not plan to follow through by building the Hyperloop.

During an earnings call last Thursday, Musk said that he was too busy working on other projects – like electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors and private spaceflight company SpaceX. He said he might try to tackle the project with Tesla involvement if no one else follows through, in a “few years.”

Musk said that he wants to “see if the people can find ways to improve” the Hyperloop design, which he will release (likely via his Twitter account) in the next few hours. Therefore, he is publishing the plans without patents and “open source” to the world.

International Business Times made a list of the top five things the Hyperloop might look like, and also went in-depth with how the project is possible – with self-proclaimed “tinkerer” John Gardi’s proposed design.

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