Nintendo’s “Hyrule Warriors” will reach North America in one week for the Wii U, and Nintendo has confirmed via Twitter that four packs of downloadable content will be available for the hack and slash game.




“Hyrule Warriors,” a spin-off of “The Legend of Zelda” series, was developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja with Nintendo. It features well-known “Zelda” characters like Princess Zelda, Link, Princess Rotu and Midna in an action-packed game that contains elements of the “Dynasty Warriors” series.

The four packs of DLC will be available for $20, and players will also receive a Dark Link costume when they purchase the content.

Buyers will be able to play as three main villains from the series, including the dark witch Cia, her assistant Volga and a physical incarnation of enchanted ring Wizzro. Each will have his or her own special powers, skills and weapons.

There’s no release date for the DLC pack in North America, but Nintendo confirms the bonus features will reach Europe on Oct. 16 this year.