Ian Somerhalder showed his sweet and sentimental side as he celebrated his wife Nikki Reed’s birthday Monday with a nostalgic photo in Instagram.

"Twilight" actress Reed could very well be one of the luckiest girls in the world!  Her husband, a star of "The Vampire Diaries," took to Instagram to post a sentimental photo with a sweet message to celebrate her 27th birthday, reports Us Weekly.   

The black-and-white photo shows Reed closing her eyes to make a wish, with her hands around a candlelit birthday cupcake held by Somerhalder. The 36-year-old actor included a sweet message in the Instagram post: "Happy Birthday my love. Me and the world celebrate you and hope all of your dreams come true. I'm in awe of your compassion to create positive change in the world ..."

Reed celebrated her birthday with family and friends, states E! News today. The actress turned animal activist shared that her birthday was filled with love and laughter, and even hinted that there were "a few 'dirty dancing' pool lifts.   

Reed uploaded photos of her birthday celebration to Instagram, along with an important lesson that she has learned over the years.  She shared that she’s finding herself more in tune with what the passing of time means and the value of staying in the moment now that she’s getting older. She added, “I'm more aware of the eagerness one feels at the thought of acquiring knowledge and the excitement of growth. I am learning to trust myself more, and I am learning to love even more than I ever thought possible. So much of my inspiration comes from the vibrations that live inside me, but also in what you guys project. Thank you for your amazing energy. Thank you for your pictures, for your songs, for your love. I can't wait for 27 to reveal itself. I'm ready :).”

Somerhalder and Reed married in an intimate ceremony in California last April. The newlyweds went to Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica for a honeymoon earlier this month. According to People last week, Somerhalder posted a sweet photo with his new wife on Instagram Wednesday, writing that they were back on U.S. soil and thanking his beautiful wife for making every day a dream come true.