International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has fired more than 1,000 workers in North America this week, according to an advocacy group for the company’s employees.

Going by Alliance@IBM, it is reported by Bloomberg that the job reductions are mostly in the U.S., with some in Canada. Alliance@IBM is affiliated with the Communications Workers of America.

At the end of 2011, IBM’s global workforce totaled over 426,000. In 2010, IBM - the world’s largest computer-services provider - stopped disclosing its specific U.S. head count.

According to the report in Computerworld, an IBM spokesman said in a statement that IBM is constantly rebalancing its workforce. The company further says: that means reducing in some areas and hiring in others -- based on shifts in technology and client demand.”

Last month IBM had reported fourth quarter operating net income of $4.71 per share compared to $4.25 per share in the previous year. IBM's revenue of $106.9 billion for 2011 was up 7 percent from 2010.