As if flying during the holidays was not stressful enough, there is now talk of banning carry-on luggage during the Christmas air rush, and not just in the U.S.

The British Express newspaper reported earlier this week on a plot to smuggle bombs aboard five commercial planes bound for European cities. U.S. officials acknowledged the threat and told NPR that the plot did not seem to include U.S.-bound flights. 

Still, the threat of a coordinated attack on commercial flights sometime before Christmas has prompted counterterrorism officials to consider an outright ban on hand-carried luggage aboard airplanes

Counterterrorism experts in the U.S. and the U.K. have floated the idea of banning all carry-on luggage or forcing passengers to check all electronic devices. Checked luggage goes through a more rigorous screening process, and a bomb is more likely to be detected there. 

But a Transportation Security Administration official told CBS News in Dallas that it's "not anticipating any further changes in the carry-on bag policies." He did add that TSA will make adjustments as necessary. 

Experts agree it's unlikely that such a draconian measure would be taken, especially since the airlines would fiercely fight back against the measure that could financially devastate the industry. 

"Airlines know this will depress people from buying tickets," said Rick Seaney, CEO of

What's more, the logistics of enacting such a ban would be difficult, especially in a short period before the holidays. So for now, you only need to worry about making sure your bags fit in the overhead compartment.