Motrola's Wi-Fi Xoom tablets began getting the new Android 4.0 update Jan. 18, and that brings the total number of tablets running the new system to a whopping two. Xoom wasn't the first tablet to get the software update, and that had been a minor mystery because Xoom was basically a Google tablet. Asus' Transformer Prime was the first tablet to get the update, and now that the Xoom is getting its chance, we'd venture a guess the Samsung Galaxy Tab line of tablets is next. That's because the Android 4.0 system first arrived on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. With about five different sizes to choose from, the Galaxy Tab line may go in order by size or another method. Samsung isn't saying, but they have said the original Galaxy Tab that came out late in 2010 will not get the update.

That device was a seven-inch tablet, and Samsung has said its lack of internal storage is the reason. It has just two gigabytes of storage. There is an expandable memory slot, but it can't be used for things like an entire operating system. Most popular tablets will likely be getting the Android 4.0 update in the next two months. Start the slideshow to see the top five tablets most likely to get the update first. Tell us in the comments if you're a Xoom owner and if you've gotten the update.

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