Rapper and filmmaker O'Shea Jackson a.k.a. Ice Cube confirmed that he will be resurrecting the Friday film franchise, according to reports.

Ice Cube confirmed first to TMZ that the entire original cast will star in the franchise's fourth film, including Chris Tucker, whom Ice Cube especially wants to make a return.

I want to deliver it, but I don't want to deliver what you've seen already, said Ice Cube to AllHipHop.com in an August 2010 interview. We got to have Chris in it.

If Tucker is casted in the movie, it could very well revitalize his declining movie career and financially get him going again.

A representative for Cube Vision Productions told TMZ: Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another 'Friday. Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen.

Last month, Ice Cube, who played the character DeBo in the franchise, said that both he and Tucker verbally committed to reunite for the fourth installment of the franchise, but they still have to work out their contracts.

Ice Cube released the first of the three Friday films in 1995, starting with the original Friday, which starred Chris Tucker. That film grossed a total of $28 million.

The sequel to the first film, Next Friday, was released in 2000 and brought on board comedian and actor Mike Epps. That film did better than its predecessor and grossed over $59 million.

The final installment, Friday After Next, was released in 2002 and grossed a total of $33 million.