IceWEB™, Inc., 16-year veteran developer of affordable/high-performance data storage, network and cloud storage systems, is a unified storage architecture provider who revealed today that it entered into a partnership with the preeminent organizer of the world’s information, Google.

The powerful and unprecedented Google Earth has quickly become a cultural staple, and the technology upon which its functions are based have become an indispensible part of the way people from the government to private sector, as well as everyday users, consume Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Google Earth Enterprise solutions have revolutionized the way we use and even think about maps.

This partnership will entail tightly integrated efforts between IWEB and Google Earth Enterprise, culminating in the delivery by IWEB of a turnkey Enterprise Visualization Appliance which is to supplement pre-fused satellite and aerial image data used in the mapping system, resulting in never-before-seen fluidity and efficiency; the Company will offer GSA Letters of Supply to existing Google GSA Schedule holders in order to accelerate and streamline Government procurement procedures.

Channel Sales Manager of IWEB, Timothy J. McNamee, noted the unparalleled reputation of Google for bringing “innovative concepts to market” which empower global enterprises as well as individual end users, and pledged the earnest efforts of the Company in creating ready-to-deploy geospatial solutions to a customer base which stretches across all sectors.

Director of Federal Sales at Google, Mike Bradshaw, asseverated by saying that the solution under development made perfect sense for any organization which wants to rapidly implement and realize the systemic improvements to their business Google Earth can provide.

VP Geospatial Solutions for DLT Solutions – a best-in-class information technology provider to government and private sector organizations, which prides itself on carrying only the top software and hardware manufacturers in each market segment from Autodesk to Oracle – Jim Helou, extolled the new solution as providing a single SKU which bundles together the server, OS, and Google Earth Enterprise Software with the pre-fused image data, and thus is able to offer breakthrough simplification of the procurement process to DLT’s customers.

Helou stated that this solution frees up substantial resources currently dedicated to the configuration of servers and sizing, which can be readily applied to serving the direct needs of their clients, and that DLT Solutions is very pleased with the product.