ICOP Digital Inc., a Kansas based advanced surveillance technology company, has become a worldwide provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement, fire, emergency medical service, military, and transportation markets (including school buses). These systems are carefully designed to protect not only the public, but also the user, which has made them a favorite of police and emergency workers.

ICOP systems (such as the company’s flagship product, the ICOP Model 20/20, and its successor, the ICOP Model 20/20–W) have a number of important advantages, giving them a definite edge in the mobile video marketplace.

• User Safety – Competitor systems usually require mounting on the dash, limiting the user, such as a police officer, from having an unobstructed view, and creating a projectile hazard in case of an accident. The ICOP system is securely mounted within the dash.
• Video Quality – Competitor system pictures degrade when enlarged for courtroom or other use. ICOP offers the highest quality in-car video systems available for police, providing sharp images even when enlarged.
• Compression Capability – Competitor system formats can lose video data when compressed. The ICOP proprietary compression system maintains full image video on every frame captured, and at all frame rates.
• Tamperproof – Competitor videos can be easily edited, a fact that can be used to challenge their validity. There is no video software in existence for editing ICOP Model 20/20–W video.
• Security – Competitor systems often have limited password protection. ICOP systems have multiple levels of password control, both at the DVR and on the server.
• Easy Installation – Competitor systems are complicated, and can require damaging modifications, especially for popular law enforcement vehicles such as the Dodge Charger. ICOP systems are designed for easy installation, with no charge for non-standard installs.
• Multiple Video Coverage – Competitor systems usually depend completely on one camera. ICOP systems provide 3 cameras, with operation of any 2 simultaneously.
• GPS – Competitor systems provide GPS only as a paid option, if at all. GPS is standard with ICOP 20/20-W.
• Superior Sound Pickup – Competitors use standard mics. ICOP multiple mics offer superior range without interference.
• Easy Storage & Search – Competitor systems offer poor archiving and search capabilities. ICOP provides easy to use search tools and network server storage.

In recent news, ICOP Digital today announced that a patent application for video streaming was allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The allowed patent application is directed to an apparatus for sharing and communication of video and other surveillance related multimedia data by live streaming of video and other data from an emergency response unit to a variety of devices and other emergency response units. Multimedia data is wirelessly transmitted from a first response patrol car, or similar emergency response unit, to any number of playback devices on a digital network.

“Live streaming video is becoming integral to in-car video solutions in optimizing the outcome of a crisis,” commented David Owen, Chairman and CEO for ICOP. “In light of the importance of this technology to the field of multimedia data dissemination in general, and the area of surveillance in particular, we are confident that this will be a key component of many in-car solutions going forward and we are pleased to have several active trials of ICOP LIVE across America, and abroad.”

ICOP believes the LIVE functionality is an essential tool for situational awareness, tactical oversight, and interagency interoperability. Agencies will be able to more effectively assess a situation remotely, and take appropriate action including deploying proper resources for the incident. Senior command will also be able to provide tactical oversight of events sooner, both remotely and while en route. Additionally, ICOP LIVE helps improve officers’ safety by freeing them from the distraction of providing detailed audio narratives back to headquarters, concentrating all of their efforts in accomplishing the mission at hand.