ICOP Digital, Inc., a worldwide provider of in-car video and mobile video solutions for law enforcement, fire, EMS, military, and transportation industries, recently announced that the company has secured an order for mobile video recorders from a prominent city in Westchester County, New York, which is comprised of 215 officers and 65 civilians. The order was won due to the company’s unique technology, ICOP LIVE™.

Funded by a federal grant, the city intends to use the ICOP solution to improve its public safety initiatives. The agency will be deploying the ICOP 20/20 VISION™ units controlled from laptop computers in the patrol vehicles. The agency also plans to utilize the company’s wireless upload solution to transfer the video from the patrol vehicle to the agency’s server.

Bob Bradley, the company’s director of national sales and marketing, stated, “We are pleased that our customers see the high value and uniqueness of ICOP LIVE’s ability to stream events from a patrol vehicle in real-time back to headquarters, and to an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers, and encouraged that an agency was able to secure federal grant funding that specifically called for this technology.” Mr. Bradley continued, “Furthermore, we have many other customers and prospects who are interested in deploying our new 802.11n wireless transfer technology, which is up to 400 percent faster than the industry-standard 802.11g solution.”