Ideal Financial Solutions, Inc. recently announced the launch of a newly developed lender assistance website, which is located online at

Ideal Financial Solutions is a Las Vegas based company that focuses on helping consumers manage their money and debt. Their suite of CashFlow Management software and Credit to Wealth Systems assist individuals and small businesses better deal with their finances. IFS expects to launch a new humanitarian program called Project 638.

The website has been introduced to help the vendors of their new lender assistance programs by reducing default rates. Ideal promises that relations between lenders and their borrowers will improve, which will, in turn, increase lender profits. Customers who use Ideal’s services via the new web portal will be able to use Ideal’s debt-to-wealth software suites.

Steve Sunyich, CEO of Ideal Financial Solutions, said, “Our new lender assistance portal represents our continual investment in the business-to-business vertical for our financial software. As we continue to close more deals in the space and enjoy the exponential benefits of increased market awareness of this innovative application of our core product, having a 24 hour portal has become essential.”

“The old approach of lenders ‘punishing’ first if their borrowers went into default needs to change. Because of the downturn in our economy the existing rules for lending must adapt as average, everyday middle class people are often finding impossible to stay current on all of their debt. Ideal is offering lenders a new approach of ‘help first’ and then ‘punishment’ or consequences only if necessary,” Sunyich added. “It’s clear that the need for our products are greater than ever and we are working hastily to carve out market share in this growing segment. will certainly help us do that.”