Idle Media, – the developers of a variety of new media and interactive content, including some of the most popular online gaming via the Company’s wholly-owned operating companies, reported engagement today of AdParlor, Inc. for management/delivery of the Company’s array of pay-per-click ads on Facebook.

The campaign will be focused on the Company’s hugely successful social gaming application for Facebook called Backyard Buddies, as well as the stand-alone online-delivered game Prison Block.

With some 400M daily ad impressions (10B a month as of Dec. last year), delivering over 3M installs per month, AdParlor was selected by IDLM for their reputation as a leader in Facebook ad campaign management.

AdParlor has access to Facebook’s Ads API and has built up an empire on a reputation as the premier, full-service handler of entire ad campaigns on Facebook.

The Company thus implicitly trusts AdParlor to administrate advertising concerns moving forward and will have more resources freed up to dedicate to other matters, like developing new versions of its popular titles and growing the business.

The Company will be taking full advantage of AdParlor’s comprehensive management solution, which has a proven track record, as AdParlor handles the lion’s share of such management for Facebook’s biggest spenders on the ads (which appear in the right hand column).

An emphasis on the strategic growth of applications, coupled with the ability to leverage the entire framework towards this end, has made AdParlor quite expert in the entire practice and has delivered a whopping 30M installs on a cost per install basis.

CEO of AdParlor, Hussein Fazal, called Backyard Buddies and Prison Block two very hot tickets which AdParlor was very excited about having the opportunity to grow into major venues, expressing great interest at a continued relationship with Idle Media and its broad portfolio of gaming and entertainment offerings.

Another wholly owned operating company of Idle Media, Dat Piff, – is one of the most active and well-known online mix-tape and user generated content hosting site, bringing in a massive audience of listeners, ranging from teens to adults.