IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device (SSD), announced last Friday that the Company will be exhibiting the new MagShoe™ 3G and 3G/4 models in Thailand. They will exhibit the new models to a number of potential clients that include both governmental and private entities.

Dani Werber, International Marketing Manager for IDO Security, Inc., stated, “Thailand is the second country in the Far East, following China, in which we are actively promoting the new MagShoe™ 3G together with our local agents. There is interest from both the Homeland Security and Loss Prevention sectors to increase security measures in Thailand and the MagShoe is a perfect complement to existing security devices providing effective screening that is non-invasive and convenient to use. Based on the early interest shown, we believe we could have the MagShoe in multiple locations in Thailand by mid-year.”

IDO Security, Inc. has engaged Law Enforcement Technology Solutions (LETS) as their agent in Thailand to oversee the MagShoe™ demonstration during the next few weeks to several clients that have already indicated a strong interest in the technology and its ability to undergo incorporation with security screening systems already in place. The Company expects to receive multiple orders from the exhibit based upon the early interest shown by Thailand’s HLS and Loss Prevention officials.

Headquartered in New York, with a subsidiary in Israel, IDO Security, Inc. designs, develops, and markets the patented shoe scanning device (SSD) MagShoe™ system. MagShoe™ fills a critical void in today’s detectors by extending screening to the lower body and feet.

MagShoe’s “shoes-on” design maximizes security, thoroughness, as well as accuracy, while eliminating the need to remove shoes for increased convenience and safety. The MagShoe™ is neither invasive nor harmful to the body as are some of the other screening devices now in use in the marketplace. Suited for security and loss prevention at virtually any facility, MagShoe™ is currently in use at international airports, cruise lines, government agencies, and more.

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