IDO Security, Inc., the designer, developer and marketer of the patented, UL-certified MagShoeâ„¢ weapons metal detection system, recently announced the availability of the MagShoe 3G, a new model that offers increased coverage of the lower extremities and provides an enhanced screening algorithm, making it even easier for security personnel to identify threats without requiring subjects to remove their shoes.

Along with its improved management interface, including the ability to locally store screening results, analyze security screening statistics from the control panel and securely connect to an Ethernet network, the MagShoe 3G now detects concealed weapons up to eight inches from the ground up, doubling the height capacity of previous models to extend security from the shoes and feet to the mid-calf.

Dan Werber at IDO Security, stated, “We are committed to continuously incorporating the input of our users into ongoing product development. The new MagShoe design reflects valuable feedback from our global clients and partners, as well as on-the-ground testing with security staff and local agents in prisons, international airports and more.” Mr. Werber concluded, “MagShoe 3G continues to fill a void in the security market not fully addressed by traditional walkthrough and handheld detection systems, offering even greater coverage and increased functionality to address the world’s most stringent security requirements.”