Rupee: Rupee tested the 49.60 levels yesterday but strengthened immediately with a strong close, boosted by dollar weakness overseas and fresh bout of selling happening by exporters. Since the currency could not hold to its weakness even for few hours of trade , it shows it will continue to strengthen. Target maintained 48.80 (USD/INR : 49.36). Bullish.

Euro: Euro opened higher today after a sharp correction of 100 pips in yesterdays US Session. Since it has erased all its losses today , the outlook still remains bullish. We should stay neutral in initiating positions since risk -return equation does not justify longs as of now. Look for a major correction to happen . (Eur/Usd:1.3680). Bullish above 1.3400.

Pound: The short idea yesterday gave us 150 pips in cable though the outlook still remains slightly bullish in cable . Look for initiating shorts around 1.5450-1.55 levels . Longs could be initiated only after a major correction. We expect cable to remain bullish for a short term and then a dip below 1.49 is expected.(Gbp/Usd: 1.5290). Short Term Bullish

Yen: Usd/Jpy pair is forming a head and shoulder pattern which is likely to test 96.20 levels . Incase we see the break below 96.00 levels with momentum we could expect a major fall till 92.00 levels. Stay cautious. (Usd/Jpy: 96.40).

Australian Dollar: Aussie charts look quite overbought and 0.7800 could be a level considered for initiating short positions. Longs strategies should be avoided for the time being.(Aud/Usd: 0.7670)

Gold: Gold remained bullish as expected . The short term charts are showing slight correction with $917 as support. Initiate longs within $906-910 levels . Bias of gold remains bullish overall.(Gold- 925.42)

Dollar Index: DI continues to remain weak marking a newer 4 month's low below 82.20 support zone. The bias still remains on the downside heading toward 80 levels in the near term. Neutral to Bearish (DI- 82.20).

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