Iggy Azalea won’t be heading down the aisle this year. The 25-year-old rapper, who’s been engaged to fiancé Nick Young since June 2015, announced they have decided to postpone their nuptials until basketball season is over next year.

Azalea told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show on Friday that she wanted to push things back because her upcoming tour was conflicting with their wedding.

“I’m planning my wedding, actually moved my wedding ‘cause I have to tour so my wedding plans are changing,” she explained. “It was going to happen at the end of the year but now I have to go to work so we’ll probably have to wait until the end of the next basketball season to do that. So that kind of is a bit sucky, but it’s alright.”

The “Team” rapper went on to say that she wanted to go on tour shortly after releasing her second album “Digital Distortion,” which is due out in June. Last year, she canceled her first tour saying she had a "creative change of heart" and needed a break.

“I just felt like the last time I got to a point where I was kind of burnt out of the music, by the time I got around to touring, ‘cause my album had been out for a year,” Azalea told Seacrest. “I don’t want to have to risk that happening again.”

It seems Young, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, is supportive and is OK with them pushing the wedding back another year. Azalea even joked that the 30-year-old athlete looks at as him getting to stay a bachelor a little bit longer.

“He wants to be, like, he’s like, ‘I can be a bachelor for longer’ and like, he’s really milking it, he’s really milking the whole thing,” she said. “So he’s really happy. Any time he wants to like, go out with the boys, he’s like, ‘This is my last summer being a bachelor!’ He can milk it longer with me, so he’s excited.”

According to E! News, Azalea previously told fans that she had picked out her wedding dress already. The Australian rapper and Young have also booked a honeymoon, but will turn it into a vacation instead of canceling it.

In January, Young dished on the wedding planning telling Billboard that it was turning into a “nightmare.”

“I think we should go to the courthouse,” he joked. “It’s tough, it takes a lot of time and compromising and arguing but eventually the women always win. I think [wedding days] should just be women’s day.”

As previously reported, Young proposed to Azalea on his 30th birthday with a 10.43-carat diamond ring, worth an estimated $550,000.