A male student at Oak Park-River Forest High School in suburban Chicago may face expulsion from school for ranking fifty female classmates by various criteria on a list and circulating it on Facebook.

The list of names were accompanies by physical descriptions of the girls' bodies, their alleged sexual activities and other characteristics. Some of the girls’ descriptions were also accompanies by racial slurs.
The girls were also “rated” on the beauty of their faces based on a 10-point ranking; while body parts were “graded” on a 5-point rating.

Some girls were attributed insulting nicknames including “New Queen,” “The Designated Drunk,” and “The Amazing Bisexual.”

You're walking down the halls, looking at people, and you don't know what they might have read about you or what might have been said about you, said Zoe McNeil, a student whose name was on the list.

School officials said they think they have identified the student responsible for the list. He will not attend school this week as part of a disciplinary program.

The girls and their parents are demanding strong disciplinary action against the offender.
Subject to additional investigation, harsher disciplinary actions against the student might be imposed.

Officials are probing to see if other students were involved.

In addition, Oak Park police are investigating for possible criminal charges.

We are most worried about what people take away from this experience, that your self-esteem can be (damaged) by what one guy thinks, said junior Sophie Maynard, whose name also was on the list.

The Oak Park is just another in what is apparently an endless stream of so-called “cyber-bullying” or the inappropriate use of technology.

In one extreme example, last year a homosexual student at a college in New Jersey committed suicide after his roommate and another woman secretly videotaped him having sexual relations in his bedroom and then transmitting the images on the internet.