Images of what appears to be a MeeGo-equipped Nokia device have appeared online.

As reported by Engadget, a member of Mobile-Review's forums posted images of the device, which features the Nokia logo and appears to be running the MeeGo operating system. If legitimate, the images would be the first of hardware running the MeeGo system. 

MeeGo, the open-source successor to Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maeomo projects, is capable of running on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, and netbooks. Announced last February, the MeeGo software is meant as an alternative to the iPhone OS and Android operating systems. 

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced last year that devices featuring the MeeGo software would not appear until 2011. Laurie Armstrong, Director of Communications for Nokia North America, declined to comment on the alleged leaked images, but did confirm Elop's 2011 timetable.