ImaRx Therapeutics Inc. today announced its transformation into a diversified entertainment company as a result of the acquisition by Sycamore Films Inc. shareholders.

Sycamore specializes in the acquisition, marketing and worldwide distribution of feature-length motion pictures. The company leverages its position with its established relationships to provide publicity, promotion, media buying, theatrical placement and print and advertising financing.

“We are very excited at the opportunity to harness the power of Wall Street with the distribution wisdom and creative marketing techniques of our veteran team of entertainment marketing executives,” stated co-founder Edward Sylvan.

Edward Sylvan will serve as the company’s chairman of the board and CEO, and has 20 years of experience in investment markets, working in sales and trading for some of Canada’s largest investment banks.

Co-founder Terry Sylvan, brings 12 years of advertising experience to the new company and will serve as Sycamore’s executive vice president of Corporate Communications.

Sycamore is backed by a management team comprised of multi-award winning entertainment industry professionals with years of industry experience.

CEO Sylvan said the new company will benefit investors and better equip the company to tap into more funding opportunities.

“As a public company, Sycamore believes it will have greater access to the funds necessary to further implement its business strategy due to the ability to now offer investors potentially improved liquidity for their investments while tailoring financial products to coincide with current market conditions. We anticipate that this strategy will provide us consistent access to capital in order to fund our on-going distribution slate,” CEO Sylvan sated. “We are excited about the future prospects of the company and the opportunity to utilize the relationships and experience of our management team to build the company into a leading film distributor.”