House Republicans’ insistence on not moving fast on a 2013 immigration reform bill is creating an opening for Democrats to attack ahead of the 2014 midterm elections. A Democratic super PAC will increase pressure on three Republican congressmen, all of whom represent districts with a sizable Hispanic population.

The House Majority PAC announced Thursday that it will target Spanish-language television ads at Republican congressmen Gary Miller of California, Mike Coffman of Colorado, and Joe Heck of Nevada. The PAC, which aims to increase the number of elected Democrats in the lower chamber, considers the three representatives “vulnerable” and calls them “top targets.”

“Republicans’ extreme records on immigration reform, capped off by their support for deporting Dream Act-eligible young people, shows just how out of touch they are,” said Andy Stone, the group’s communications director, in a press release. “With the American people looking for a sensible, rational approach to immigration reform, Gary Miller, Mike Coffman and Joe Heck are offering anything but.”

At issue for the PAC is the fact that House Republicans have dismissed the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration reform bill as a form of amnesty because it offers a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. That the Republican-controlled House also voted last month to resume deporting hundreds of thousands of Dream Act individuals also riled the PAC.

For that, House Majority PAC is spending $175,000 on an ad campaign that will run for two weeks in Los Angeles, Denver and Las Vegas. The ads will challenge the congressmen’s voting record.

Miller represents California’s 31st congressional district, which has a large Hispanic population in Los Angeles.

“Miller voted against the Dream Act and to deport 800,000 young immigrants. He even wants to deny citizenship to the children of foreigners born in the U.S.,” a transcript read. “With that record, Gary Miller is the one who needs to go.”

Once a GOP safe haven, Colorado’s 6th congressional district has become a swing seat because of redistricting. It features a divide in two cities: liberal voters in Aurora and conservatives in Highlands Ranch.

“Coffman said the Dream Act would be a nightmare for the American people,” the ad said. “Mike Coffman, we’re watching… Will you continue to side with extremists who oppose reform? Or will you finally represent us?”

Heck’s 3rd congressional district in Nevada is a “fair fight,” with a reported balance of registered Democrats and Republicans.

“Congressman Heck and his extreme Republican friends are part of the problem,” the ad said, also attacking his vote on the Dream Act. “And [Heck] has said he opposes the comprehensive immigration reform passed by the Senate. Tell Congressman Heck to stop siding with extreme Republicans blocking real immigration reform.”