IR BioSciences Holdings, Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ImmuneRegen BioSciences, Incorporated®, the development stage biotech firm squarely focused on the adult stem cell compound Homspera® (which boosts the immune system, accelerating the healing of wounds and remediating influenza, and can also be used as a vaccine adjuvant), has teamed up with preclinical contract research organization, MPI Research, in a strategic collaboration agreement aimed at procuring Phase 1 human clinical studies of the amazing new drug Homspera.

CEO of ImmuneRegen, Michael Wilhelm, explained that this agreement with MPI enables immediate satisfaction of the FDA-required safety studies, and welcomed the rock-solid “independent validation” of Homspera’s value to the industry provided by this relationship with MPI, projecting that the studies would produce the data required to “support planned INDs (investigational new drugs) for indications such as influenza, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and cancer”.

The agreement harnesses the power of MPI’s industry-leading analytical research capabilities while satisfying both parties with written-in mutually beneficial financial incentives, creating an accessible foundation for what Mr. Wilhelm called “visibility to potential new partners”, which he indicated would only increase as the development team’s milestones are achieved.

Wilhelm called it a pivotal time for the Company, pointing out that this relationship is a confirmation of management’s analysis that the Company is significantly undervalued.

Chairman and CEO of MPI, William U. Parfet, MBA, affirmed the synergistic upsides of this cooperative agreement, suggesting what savvy investors always know; that within dynamic industries like the drug development sector of today, such partnering often produce huge new capital draws, promising substantial profit and ROI.

“This collaboration reflects the flexible, solution-based mindset of each organization.” said Parfet, who heads up the Michigan-headquartered provider of analytical/bioanalytical services, discovery and safety evaluation services which defines itself according to scientific knowledge and experience, integrity, teamwork, trust and an on-going commitment to Sponsor relationships.