As investors, we tend to mine prospects in hopes of “striking it rich.” This mining can take several forms, such as investing in an established venture or reaching out to a fledgling venture. There are plusses and minuses on both sides, but there is appeal, in a certain sense, for an operation that shows opportunity for large gains where there was nothing. Exploration mining opportunities are about as close as investors can get to this appeal, other than picking up the pan and panning for gold itself.

Impala Mineral Exploration Corp., an exploration mining company operating in the White Horse Mining District of the Yukon Territory, Canada, is currently working to assess its four quartz claims. The process of assessing these claims has recently begun.

From all appearances, the company indicates a fairly lean administrative staff directed primarily at legal and administrative costs associated with beginning a mineral exploration program. It has, however, obtained a geologic report of the area suggesting a positive recommendation for exploration. This report recommends exploration in two phases, with a total estimated cost of approximately $20,000.00. Phase one of the exploration processes was/is scheduled for the end on 2008 depending upon conditions. Phase two will follow quickly, given phase one results, during the summer months of 2009. The company carries a debt of $114,000 for operations and acquisitions to date.

There are no guarantees of success with a start-up mining company, but given lead times and commodity pricing of gold, silver or like/associated base metals at the moment, a longer time horizon may not be such a bad thing. Impala Mineral Exploration does not appear to need much capital or financing to make its mining bet, and may return solid gains just when inflation potentially appears from capital injections recently made by the government.