Imperial Resources, Inc. reported that the company has signed an agreement to purchase a water disposal facility in Texas. The facility will be used to dispose of salt water and other fluids released from wells drilled in the area.

Imperial Resources said the facility is located in the Fort Worth Basin in north Texas, and will handle the disposal of salt water from wells drilled into the Barnett Shale. The Barnett Shale is one of the largest natural gas producing area in the United States and has seen thousands of wells drilled over the last decade.

Imperial Resources said that the disposal facility is located on forty one acres and consists of one well bore, tanks, pumps, offloading pads and control systems needed to operate the facility. The site also has a fully constructed access road and is convenient to a nearby highway.

Imperial Resources has obtained a permit from state authorities to dispose of 15,000 barrels of salt water per day. This permit is conditional on deepening the well to an additional depth. The previous owner of the site invested $5 million in the disposal facility, and the company plans to invest another $1.2 million.

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