Important Greek/EU Dates Affecting Greek Debt Crisis

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Protesters gather in Athens' central Syntagma (Constitution) Square Reuters

The following is a timeline of the key events in Greece for the next few weeks:

Provided by Ashraf Laidi

June 16th - Greece to announce cabinet reshuffle

June 17th - Franco-German meeting in Berlin

June 19/20 - Eurozone FinMin meet in Luxembourg

June 21 - Greek government confidence vote deadline

June 21 - ECOFIN meeting in Luxembourg

June 23/24 - Head of State meeting

June 28 - Greek parliament to vote on Medium term plan

July 5/6 - EU FinMin meet in Brussels

July 11/12 - EU FinMin meet in Brussels

July 15 - Greece T-Bill redemption for E2.4bln

July 16 - EU FinMin, Central Bankers meet in Poland

July 22 - Greece T-Bill redemption for E1.625bln

Aug 19 - Greece T-Bill redemption for E1.625bln

Aug 20 - Greece bond redemption of 3.9% 2011 GGB for E6.61bln

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