For too many companies the concept of “renewables” is little more than a buzz word, something applied to a limited aspect of their products or operations to make them more appealing to the marketplace. Few companies take the concept to heart to the degree of Incoming, Inc., a young and quickly growing company engaged in the production of biodiesel and renewable fuels.

To Incoming, there is, quite literally, no such thing as waste. It’s their stated belief that the notion of waste is only useful as a measurement, reflecting how far you are from achieving optimum resource utilization. Moreover, their approach to renewables extends well beyond their end products. The company continually evaluates and modifies their research, production, and even administrative operations, constantly seeking increased efficiencies.

Incoming’s goal is to become a top provider in the international biofuel industry, with a diverse portfolio of renewable energy assets, capitalizing on the profitability of foreign markets. The company’s current biodiesel production facility is located in North Carolina, and there are already acquisition plans targeting facilities in Brazil’s fast-emerging and government-supported green energy market. Their focus is on commercial grade biodiesel, produced from virgin agri-based feedstock. As a secondary product, the process also generates glycerin, used in many industries and consumer items.

Biodiesel is an increasingly popular clean burning alternative to fossil fuels, and is considered an advanced biofuel by the EPA. It can be used in automobiles, but also as a home heating oil and for electrical generation. In addition to being sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and offering greatly reduced pollution, biodiesel can be produced, distributed, and used without significant changes to current energy infrastructures. It represents the most readily available way to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants, which helps explain why Brazil, one of the world leaders in biofuel development, is aggressively supporting the use of biodiesel in all aspects of society. Incoming believes in the Brazilian economy as a major emerging market, and views the growing demand for biodiesel there as one of the most promising economic opportunities in the industry.

But today, biodiesel, once a small player in the green revolution, is also seeing demand take off in Europe and even the U.S., as states like Minnesota and Pennsylvania now require all diesel to include at least 2% biodiesel as part of the mix. In addition, over 30 nations have either imposed mandates or targets to increase biodiesel use. Even without a major crisis, demand for biodiesel is expected to increase by as much as 800% by 2015.

Incoming has recently been mentioned multiple times on Fox Business News, and is primed to receive regular nationwide coverage.

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